Gideon Thane

Legendary witch-hunter and demon slayer


Gideon Thane is a weathered man with shoulder-length black hair. He typically keeps his face clean-shaven. He wears the standard garb and gear of a witch-hunter, including a matched pair of dwarven-forged pistols and an adamantine longsword. When he studies someone, it is said he can peer deeply into their soul and root out any evils that person has ever committed; Gideon Thane knows your misdeeds and your sins in every detail, and he knows the darkest corners of your mind.


Gideon Thane (male human, age unknown)

The legendary (some would say infamous) witch-hunter and demon slayer, Gideon Thane is widely regarded as one of the most lethal, reactionary, and insane men alive. He has spent the better part of three decades in and around Anderland in a never-ending hunt for witches, cultists, demon-worshippers, and the Blighted. He absolutely despises Banites, and he holds nothing but contempt for the Maldarans. Unfortunately, he inflicts his zealous beliefs on civilians whether they deserve it or not. Wherever Gideon looks, he invariably sees enemies of man and servants of dark powers. Many years ago, Gideon Thane served the Lightbringers, until his actions earned him excommunication. Since then, he joined a small order known as the Malleus Maleficarum—the Hammer of Witches. Whether he is right or wrong in his pursuit of evil, he often kills, burns, and maims everyone in his path. Unfortunately, he has proven difficult to locate and even harder to kill. Rumors tell that he possesses a magical talisman that prevents him from dying.

Gideon Thane

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