Galen of Westford


Galen of Westford possesses roguish good looks and a perpetual smile of mischief. He rarely seems to take anything seriously, and others have commented on how difficult it is to upset or anger him. He typically wears a beard and moustache and longer hair to help conceal his half-elven heritage (or so the stories suggest).


Galen of Westford (male half-elf, age 38)

A bard from the distant south. He spends much of his time in Anderland, rotating back and forth between the Duchyand Maldar. He has red-blond hair, deep green eyes, and a striking singing voice. Galen is renowned for his storytelling abilities, and he composed the most popular retelling of the Ballad of the Night of Shadows. He tells the most outlandish tales, but few people can say how much is real and how much is poetic license/embellishment. He is especially important because he often brings important news to the Duchy. A number of whispered stories suggest that Galen once insulted the Mad Emperor, and only narrowly escaped with his life, and only by telling the Emperor an original story, without pause, for an entire day.

Galen of Westford

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