Friar Thomas Abernathy

A jovial, rotund itinerant priest of Gregorio


Friar Abernathy is the epitome of the jovial friar. He proudly shows off his ample belly as proof of his devotion to Gregorio. He is a loud, talkative, expansive man of large appetites and an opinion on almost everything. When he talks, he does a lot of gesturing with his arms, and he often becomes very animated when he discusses something about which he is passionate. As an itinerant priest, he has no home church and thus spends much of his time wandering from festival to festival. He often wears the dirt and mud of travel upon his faded and wrinkled robes.


Friar Tomas Abernathy (male human, age 44)

A traveling itinerant cleric in service to the faith of Gregorio. Friar Tomas (he goes by “Friar Tom,” although some refer to him as “Fat Tom”) is a large, portly, and jovial man with a tremendous love of beer, ale, mead, and just about any sort of food. He travels throughout the duchy to conduct ceremonies and rituals associated with marriage, childbirth, and similar celebrations. He is a frequent guest at the table of Duke Caldric, and as such he is a great fan of Lucas, the palace cook (although Lucas often quails at the appearance of the Friar at the dinner table). Most people underestimate Tom’s intellect and assume he has no other interest beyond his rotund belly. In truth, he is a keen observer and possesses an eidetic memory. He carries with him his trusted mace to deal with “thieves, varlets, Banites, and other curs” when he travels.

Friar Thomas Abernathy

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