Emperor Vasev Gogoyrov

Leader of the Empire of Maldar


The Emperor of Maldar, despite his sobriquet at the “Mad Emperor,” appears completely sane and rational on first meeting. His dark black eyes seem able to perceive every truth, and his gaze holds surprising depths of intellect. He possesses rugged good looks, although age has started to turn his black hair towards gray and white. Only when he becomes enraged or despondent does his demeanor change drastically and it quickly becomes apparent why he is known (in secret whispers only) as “The Mad.”


Emperor Vasev Gogoyrov (male human, age 49)

The current emperor of Maldar, Gogyrov has become known as “the Mad Emperor,” and his actions frequently prove his worthiness of the title. For all his strange ways, Gogyrov has demonstrated a keen, if erratic, mind. He is preternaturally able to tell when someone is lying to him, and he is infamous for his ingenuity in inventing new punishments. The emperor’s primary ambition is to fold the Duchy of Anderland into the empire, changing that realm from a vassal state to a direct part of his domain. There are few more dangerous, unpredictable, and devious men alive in this current age than the “Mad Emperor.”

Emperor Vasev Gogoyrov

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