Elizah Jacobi

Creepy elven merchant from Maldar


There is no escaping one simple truth: Elizah Jacobi is a freak of nature. Everything about him appears wrong, or at least distinctly un-elven. His eyes are the wrong color; indeed, his eyes seem to change color depending on the lighting conditions. His body appears frail and gaunt, almost to the point of being skeletal. His fingers are narrow and thin, again, almost skeletal in appearance. Even his body motions and body language seem out of tune or out of place. His movements one moment are fluid and graceful, and the next seem rigid and erratic. His voice has a smooth, polished, but nonetheless sinister element to it. Elizah Jacobi seems unnatural, and his mere presence is often enough to make people feel nauseous or nervous.


Eliza Jacobi (male eladrin, age 246)

Despite his age, Mr. Jacobi appears of indeterminate age; indeed, at times he appears younger than at others. Although he owns permanent dwellings in Anderland, the Theocracy of Paladanthis, and Maldar, he spend much of his time traveling between his estates and overseeing his far-flung business interests. He owns a mercantile company, finances his own mercenary company, owns a number of iron mines east of Maldar, in addition to owning his own gladiatorial ludus (although he does not operate it) and other businesses. He has accumulated a vast fortune during his lifetime, and he has also collected favors from virtually every important, influential, or powerful individual in the region. In person, Mr. Jacobi tends to leave people somewhat nervous and uncomfortable. It is as if he naturally exudes an aura of the alien, as if his very presence were somehow an affront to the natural world. Thin to the point of being gaunt, Mr. Jacobi is pale with white hair and ice blue eyes. He is almost always accompanied by a pair of ogre bodyguards, although it is whispered that Jacobi is a master of dark arcane arts and has nothing to fear from mortal threats. Mr. Jacobi is wealthy and powerful enough that even the Mad Emperor respects the man, even if he dislikes him (in truth, no one likes Mr. Jacobi). There is a strong rivalry between Mr. Jacobi and Tobias Crowe.

Elizah Jacobi

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