Duke Caldric d'Anderville

The current Duke of Anderland, of the House d'Anderville


Duke Caldric d’Anderville is a tall man with raven black hair. Although in his 40s, the death of his wife aged him somewhat prematurely, and the concerns of office have left his face marked with fatigue and care. A proud man, the Duke rarely reveals his emotions to others, except when he becomes very angry. He speaks forcefully and passionately about things he cares about. He can be cool and even brusque at times, especially when he has made a decision.


Duke Caldric d’Anderville (male human, age 43)

The current Duke of Anderland, formerly known as the “Hero of Andersgate.” The duke is the latest in a long and distinguished line of rulers. He gained fame and a daring reputation during the attack of the Night Dragon on the capital city a little more than 20 years ago. He and his brave companions killed the Night Dragon and thereby saved the duchy. The duke is a charismatic and capable leader. Unfortunately, since the passing of his wife ten years ago, he has developed a tendency to brood and has become subject to dark, somber moods. It is likely the weight of his realm’s problems weighs heavily on his shoulders. If the duke makes a mistake, The Empire of Maldar will conquer and absorb the duchy once and for all. With so much riding on his future decisions, Duke Caldric has placed considerable responsibility and weight on the shoulders of his eldest child, his son William.

Duke Caldric d'Anderville

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