Dagna Dane

Dwarven "troubleshooter" in service to Duke Caldric


Dagna is unusual for several reasons. First, as a dwarf, she represents a minority within the ducal palace and its grounds. Second, even amongst dwarvenkind it is fairly obvious she goes against the grain. She seems perpetually in motion, almost as if she cannot sit still for long. She watches people and her environment much like a hawk watches its intended prey, and her piercing gaze has the ability to unnerve all but the most hardened individuals.


Dagna Dane (female dwarf, age 88):

On one of his forced trips to the Empire of Maldar, Duke Caldric was given the option of passing sentence on a dwarf prisoner. This prisoner, Dagna Dane, had been caught attempting to steal from the imperial vaults. Rather than execute her outright, the Mad Emperor let Duke Caldric decide her fate. At the risk of angering the Emperor (which he did), the Duke granted amnesty to Dagna. Enraged but unable to immediately retaliate, the Emperor forced Duke Caldric to take the dwarf home to Anderland. Ever since that event, Dagna Dane has remained a close, loyal, and faithful servant of the ducal family. She has proven her worth ten times over. She not only is an expert locksmith, but she is well versed at building and disarming traps. Spurned by her own people for her thieving, Dagna has long considered Anderland her home. On occasion, Duke Caldric sends her to other places to undertake missions for him. She is seldom seen much in court, and she has a notorious reputation for bad temper and excess love of strong drink. It is said there is no lock she cannot pick, no treasure she could not reach should she so choose.

Dagna Dane

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