Count Andru Constantin

A feared and despised Maldaran nobleman


Although Andru boasts rakish good looks, his misdeeds and crimes have left him forever tainted and corrupt. When he smiles, god-fearing men and women and those of wisdom depart with haste. He possesses remarkable appetites for inflicting pain and suffering all for his own amusement, and these dark passions are barely hidden within his malicious, capricious gaze. He wears an eyepatch over his left eye – his perpetual reminder of a lost duel a few years ago.


Count Andru Constantin (male human, age 36)

This man is despised throughout the Duchy of Anderland, as he is a known murderer, and his barbarous acts in the name of Bane have become infamous even in the Empire of Maldar. He owns estates in and around Castle Tenebrous, not far from the Anderland border. As first cousin to the Emperor of Maldar, he enjoys tremendous latitude in how he treats his citizens and as far as how much he can get away with while traveling in Anderland. In essence, he possesses “diplomatic immunity” while traveling; regardless of his crimes in Anderland, the authorities are only authorized to escort him back to Maldar’s borders. Were any serious harm to befall Andru, the Emperor would respond with vehement brutality. Count Andru is a devious, wicked, cruel, and malicious individual well suited to the worship of Bane. His most recent act of barbarism was to kill a pair of apprentice Wardens in Anderland. It is also rumored he was responsible for the kidnapping and sacrifice of a young druidic initiate, all to satiate his dark god.

Count Andru Constantin

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