Brandon McPherson

Wanted bandit leader and scourge of the Maldaran Empire


Brandon is a handsome, tall, and strong individual. His weathered face and perpetual frown suggest he has lived a difficult, wearying life despite his youth. When dealing with children and women, he is especially kind and gentle. When dealing with slave owners and Maldaran officials, he demonstrates no compassion and precious little mercy.


Brandon McPherson (male human, age 27)

Across the Empire of Maldar, few names elicit so much anger, frustration, and embarrassment as the infamous Brandon McPherson. Originally brought to Maldar as a slave from the distant lands of Brighathi Highlands in the south, Brandon murdered his overseer and his master within two days of his arrival. Thus began a massive manhunt for this escaped slave and murderer. Despite the best efforts of the Maldaran Intelligence Service and the best available bounty hunters, Brandon eluded capture and left the capital city of Theodosia. Three months later, his name resurfaced further north. This time, he led a small but clever band of bandits. These bandits began raiding Maldaran caravans, turning around and donating their profits to local farmers and refugees. Thus began an even more massive manhunt than before. Despite the odds, Brandon McPherson and his “Noble Men” continued robbing the wealthy and giving to the poor. At present, the bounty on his head stands at 10,000 gp, making him one of the most wanted criminals in Maldaran history. The imperials have struggled to convince the local civilians that McPherson is a dangerous criminal; their propaganda is undermined by the widespread and growing belief that he is truly a hero of the people. Only time will tell if the legendary “Gentleman Bandit” will reveal a more sordid side, or if he truly is a man of the people.

Brandon McPherson

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