Borland Riordan

Master-at-arms for the ducal household


Borland is a tough-as-nails veteran soldier. His hard-earned experience has come in fighting bandits, Uthnal marauders, rampaging orcs, and many other enemies of the Duchy. His weathered face seems calm even under the most stressful situations. Regardless of where he is or what time of day it is, he seems at a constant state of cautious readiness.


Borland Riordan (male human, age 56):

Master at Arms for the ducal household and the man in charge of the Duke’s private guard, known as the Sentinels. He is responsible for the defense of the palace in event of attack or similar threat. Borland served on the Duke’s father’s staff, and was an important participant in the fight against the Night Dragon. Borland trained the current duke in swordsmanship, as well as both of the Duke’s two sons (the natural born son, William, and the step-son). Borland is a salty, grizzled veteran of many battles, and his experiences are impressive (although he dislikes talking about them).

Borland Riordan

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