Barthlome Cadwallis

Young wizard's apprentice and son of Baron Cadwallis


Barthlome is not a handsome individual, nor does he possess much in the way of grace, charm, or wit. If ever there was a stereotypical look for a bully, Barthlome would be a perfect candidate. Brutish, rude, crude, and arrogant, Barthlome’s personality perfectly matches his appearance.


Barthlome Cadwallis (male human, age 16)

Young Barthlome is one of two apprentices currently under the tutelage of Kyman Andoverge, the court wizard. Barthlome is the middle son of Baron Vladimir Cadwallis. He has been a wizard’s apprentice for the past three years. For the most part, he is an intelligent student and a gifted learner, but he lacks discipline and focus. In addition, his noble upbringing have left him with some unsavory attitudes and beliefs. He has an ongoing rivalry (although this rivalry often appears rather one-sided) against Glyph, the other individual apprenticed to Kyman. Barthlome, although a capable wizard’s apprentice, often complains about his studies and his menial duties. Because Barthlome demonstrated an unexpected inborn magical talent at a young age, his father had little choice but to place the lad into Kyman’s hands for training. Absent a proper arcane education, the dark temptations of Blight magic could lead Barthlome down a dangerous and destructive path.

Barthlome Cadwallis

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