Baron Vladimir Cadwallis

Baron of the Duchy of Anderland


The Baron Cadwallis is a somewhat short, nondescript nobleman with a balding head and a few strands of gray hair along the fringes. He wears a perpetual scowl on his face, and it is said that he only smiles when he makes money at someone’s expense, or when he can watch someone else’s misery. He is a miserly man who, despite considerable wealth, obviously chooses not to spend much of it on fine clothing.


Baron Vladimir Cadwallis (male human, age 52)

This man is a wealthy, if relatively unimportant, noble living in Stormhaven. Originally born in Maldar, he moved to Anderland at the request of the Emperor. Having married a cousin to Duke Caldric, he gained noble titles in the Duchy in addition to those he already held in Maldar. Baron Cadwallis owns several mines in the Anvil Mountains, and he also owns a trading coster based in Stormhaven. He recently gained entry into the famed Knights of Stormhaven, despite his near total lack of martial skill. He has three sons, with the middle child (Barthlome) apprenticed to the court wizard in Andersgate. The Baron is good friends with Baron Calixis, current Knight Marshall of the Knights of Stormhaven.

Baron Vladimir Cadwallis

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