Baron Damian Calixis

Adviser to the Duke, Baron Calixis is a wealthy and influential nobleman and commander of the Knights of Stormhaven


A handsome, dashing knight, Baron Calixis is wealthy, powerful, influential, and admired – and he knows it. He appears younger than his actual age, and he remains the envy of many of his peers because of it. He possesses a cool, calm demeanor. Around his inferiors, he radiates an palpable aura of disdain. Around his peers, he nonetheless carries himself as their better, as if convinced of his innate superiority.


Baron Damian Calixis (male human, age 44):

A haughty, powerful, and wealthy nobleman of the realm and distant cousin to Duke Caldric. Lord Calixis remains under a cloud of disrepute as he spent his youth as a wandering sellsword (which is how he acquired his vast fortune and many of his peculiar friends). Although aged, he remains in surprisingly vibrant health and serves as a role model for knightly virtues. He does not get along with Kyman (the court wizard, see below) or Prester Crane (see below); Lord Calixis apparently holds some deep enmity towards these two men. Lord Calixis is ambitious, but he has proven his loyalty to the duke on numerous occasions. He remains a staunch opponent of the Empire of Maldar (and as such gets along poorly with the Lady Ivanov). Lord Calixis is the current Knight Marshall of the Knights of Stormhaven.

Baron Damian Calixis

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