Aileen Silverhawk

Chief huntress and tracker for the ducal household


Aileen is a lithe, wiry elven woman possessed of incredible grace and agility. She can move with preternatural stealth and seemingly superhuman quickness. She is obviously uncomfortable indoors or in the presence of strangers, and she only appears relaxed when amidst the outdoors or while on the hunt. She has a weathered look about her indicating a woman that has spent most her life outside. Her eyes carry the look of a lethal hunter, and she has a habit of studying her environment and those around her with predatory caution.


Aieleen Silverhawk (female elf, age 74)

An elven woman who, despite the odds, rose to become the duke’s huntsman and chief tracker. Aieleen lost her parents during the attack by the Night Dragon, but was adopted into the ducal household after her father died saving Caldric’s life (at the time, Caldric was the Duke’s son, not yet the Duke). She is a preternatural hunter and tracker, with uncanny skills with the longbow. She has superb eyesight, hearing, and sense of smell. Her pet hawk almost seems an extension of her will. She does not care much for crowds, cities, or even towns, and she is happiest when out in the forest. She has close ties to the local druids of the Council and Wardens (one of the wardens helped raise her and train her with the duke’s permission). The Silverhawks are her elite trackers and hunters; they secretly patrol the Duchy to watch for signs of brigands, monster incursions, and threats by Maldar and Paladanthis, as well as raids by Uthnal reavers.

Aileen Silverhawk

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