Adam Ogilvy

Chief librarian and historian to the d'Anderville family


Mr. Ogilvy is an aged gentleman with snowy white hair, rheumy eyes, and the tendency to nod off in the middle of conversations. He is extremely knowledgeable, but his advanced years make it difficult for him to maintain his focus and attention for long.


Adam Ogilvy (male human, age 73):

The chief scribe, librarian, and archivist for the d’Anderville family. He maintains the Duke’s library, as well as the various documents and notes related to the business of the realm. Mr. Ogilvy has been a librarian to the d’Anderville family for more than forty-six years, serving the current duke, his father, and his father before him in that same capacity (although he only became Head Librarian and Chief Historian towards the end of the previous duke’s reign).

Adam Ogilvy

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